BMW 7 Series in Murrieta

The BMW 7 Series Reaches New Heights for the California Car Climate

New updates for the 2018 model-year bring exceptional new updates to the BMW 7 Series--more powerful engine options, hybrid-electric powertrains, and subtle upgrades to feature availability keeps the luxurious, flagship 7 Series on the map, and at the head of the pack. This is a sports sedan of a true, elite nature; one that can't be matched by just any other luxury car. If you're looking for the real cream of the crop in Murrieta, there's nothing quite like the BMW 7 Series.


The Unyielding Legacy of the BMW 7 Series

Exterior Design: Even the exterior of the BMW 7 Series is indulgent, smooth, and classic. A new Carbon Core makes the newest sedan line stronger, lighter, faster, more efficient, and more responsive. The elegant curve of the roofline perfectly nestles dual sunroofs without compromising on shapely styling, and the iconic dual kidney grille doesn't let you forget what's in front of you. And yes, you can look--and touch.

Interior Features: You'll want for nothing inside the cabin of the new BMW 7 Series. This is the most luxurious, most well-equipped, and most driver-centric model in the lineup, with features like a 16-speaker Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, stylish raised touchscreen display, and multi-stage climate-controlled massaging seats. Even your rear passengers will enjoy power seating, individual climate control, and a removable 7-inch tablet to control features from the back seat.

Technology and Safety: This is the tech-savviest BMW sedan to date; it's hard to look anywhere in the cabin of the BMW 7 Series without finding a touchscreen, a control knob, or a command center ready to satisfy your every request. The iDrive System in the 7 Series works on Gesture Control, which means you can control communication and media--just by moving your hand in the air. Want something really advanced? Try Remote Control Parking through the available Display Key with an integrated LCD touch screen.

Available New 2018 BMW 7 Series Styles

  • BMW 740i Sedan
  • BMW 740e iPerformance Sedan
  • BMW 750i Sedan
  • BMW M760i Sedan
  • BMW Alpina B7 Sedan
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