BMW TIRES in Murrieta

Why Quality BMW Tires are Pivotal to Performance in Murrieta

What is a safety feature; as well as a performance component; as well as an intelligently-engineered efficiency booster?

If you answered: "the tires on my BMW", you'd be correct. Not only do a quality set of tires improve grip and traction--and therefore safety and security--they also are key to delivering the sport performance that you'd expect from your BMW 2 Series, 4 Series, or X Series model. Well-fitted and properly-inflated tires also maximize your fuel economy.

Great tires can make all the difference in the feel of your BMW--unfortunately, so can bad tires. We've got all the tips and answers to help you stay on top.


Typically, your mechanic or service technician will be keeping an expert eye on your tread depth and tire life when you come in for wheel alignments or tire rotations, and will be able to advise you when it's time to replace your tires. However, knowing the specifics yourself is never a bad idea.

Most new tires arrive out of the box with about 11/32" of treat depth--plenty of groove for shedding and channeling away water and giving your car or SUV the best grip on the road. With every rotation of the wheel, however, miniscule amounts of rubber are wearing away, and after time, you won't have adequate tread to travel safely. For many states, a tire is considered "worn out" by the law at 2/32 of an inch. A tire that is "bald" offers nearly no protection in road conditions that are damp or wet.

Check tread depth at home, or ask one of our experts to help you.


Choosing to buy your tires from the professionals at your local BMW store has a few distinct benefits:

  • Always get the right size
  • Get expert advice on the best style of tire
  • Find popular brands that you trust
  • Enjoy savings on brands and styles through tire coupons and dealer specials
  • Have them professionally installed and inflated right on site

While it's possible to buy tires online and save a few dollars, or use some chain tire store down the street, you won't find better care for your BMW, or more expert hands to choose and install your tires, than at BMW of Murrieta.


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