At BMW of Murrieta, our service department provides BMW repairs and routine maintenance on all BMW models and other vehicles we sell. Standard and custom maintenance services that not only meet the BMW factory warranty requirements and recommended service schedule, but also include numerous additional services that will help to extend your BMW's longevity and performance.

What are Common and Important BMW Services?

  • Oil change: changing your oil on a schedule recommended by the OEM is the best way to extend your vehicle's life and optimize performance
  • Oil filter change: what good is clean, fresh oil if there's a dirty filter clogging things up? Get it changed!
  • Vehicle inspection: whether state law or just good sense, it's recommended that you get your vehicle inspected at least once a year
  • Air filter change: breathe easier with a clean cabin air filter
  • Fluid top-off: at your next service, check wiper fluid, coolant, oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid--top off if necessary
  • Tire changeover: optimize BMW performance with seasonally-appropriate tires
  • Tire rotation: a good rule of thumb is to get your tires rotated when you get your oil changed--this will even wear patterns, give you a more comfortable ride quality, and give your tires a longer lifespan
  • Wheel alignment: some unalignments are so subtle you never even feel them--but you'll suffer worse fuel economy, uneven tire wear, and lowered performance
  • Brake inspection: a quick brake inspection now could save you thousands of dollars in repairs later
  • Battery replacement: want to be charged up and ready to go? Replace that old battery
  • Spark plug replacement: these tiny components make a big difference in your daily drive
  • A/C inspection or repair: being without air conditioning in North Carolina? No, thank you
  • Transmission repair: this service is pretty rare for BMW, but it's an important one if you're having any transmission issues
  • Electronic system repair: a common complaint among older BMW cars is electrical issues--fortunately, we know just how to handle them
  • Engine repair: engine repair is very rare for newer model-year BMW vehicles, but older models with high mileage may require minor repairs to the engine
  • Power steering fluid system flush: there's a lot of debate over how often power steering fluid needs to be changed or the system flushed. If you've got questions, ask us
  • Cooling system check: high-performance engines make a lot of heat--coolant helps to keep everything at the right temperature

We provide extensive and professional BMW service at an affordable cost to you. Check out BMW Value Service after your BMW no longer qualifies for the BMW Maintenance Program to keep your Ultimate Driving Machine in excellent running order. At BMW of Murrieta, we provide professional level service without the expensive prices. Stop by today and take advantage of our service specials.

Maintenance is one of many hidden costs to consider when you're looking at a car's sticker price. For most cars, that is. Fortunately, BMW offers one of the most comprehensive maintenance programs in its class. Call us or visit our online Service Scheduler page to obtain service on your BMW.

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