BMW of Murrieta – $1,000 Lease End Credit!

Are you looking to upgrade your Corona commute with a new BMW sedan, coupe, crossover, or luxury SAV lease? You’ve come to the right place! As a member of the Hendrick Automotive Group, we at BMW of Murrieta take pride in making the leasing process simple and stress-free. We make it possible to get behind the wheel of the luxury vehicle you’ve always dreamed of at a price you’ll feel great about when you drive home to Riverside. Do the following circumstances apply to you?

  • Interested in an early turn-in of your BMW lease?
  • Approaching your mileage limit?
  • Interested in ending your current lease early, but concerned about cancellation fees?
  • Want to lower your monthly lease payment?
  • Ready to upgrade to a newer BMW model?

Allow BMW of Murrieta to put your mind at ease! We offer an early turn-in$1,000 Lease-End Credit – learn more about the program and how you can get your credit at our showroom in Murrieta, below!

$1,000 Lease-End Credit at BMW of Murrieta

If you’re already driving a BMW vehicle in Ontario and it is leased through BMW Financial Services, you may qualify for BMW of Murrieta’s early turn-in Lease-End Credit. For loyal BMW lessees, BMW of Murrieta offers a $1,000 Lease-End Credit to qualifying BMW drivers whose lease is approaching termination. The $1,000 Lease-End Credit will be directly applied to your new BMW lease, so you can hit the road to San Diego in your favorite new BMW model with all the latest technology, comfort, and convenience amenities. Here’s how to qualify:

  • All new BMW models are eligible for the program
  • The new vehicle lease must be in the name of the original lessee or co-lessee (or both)
  • BMW of Murrieta will waive the last remaining payments up to a total of $1,000 (this includes the BMW $350 vehicle turn-in fee)
  • You must lease a new BMW through BMW Car Financial Services registered in the State of California
  • You must be a California resident
  • Payments already made on a lease account cannot be reimbursed
  • Previous payments cannot be past due
  • This offer cannot be applied to pre-negotiated deals* (*Offer only applies to first pre-inspection customers.)
  • You will still be responsible for excess wear and use fees, excess mileage fees, and any other obligations listed in the lease

What Is Vehicle Leasing?

You can think of leasing a vehicle as a long-term rental that generally spans between 24 and 42 months. However, unlike renting, you’ll only pay for the “vehicle you use” throughout that period. How are leasing costs arrived at? You divide the total expected depreciation of the vehicle, as well as basic new vehicle fees and costs, by the number of months in your lease term. Because you’re only paying for a small fraction of the vehicle’s total ‘at-new’ cost, many Fallbrook shoppers find leasing to be far more affordable than buying the same vehicle outright.

Why Lease a BMW in Murrieta?

If you’re still unsure whether leasing a new BMW in Murrieta is the right choice for you, consider the following factors:

  • You’ll have lower monthly payments when leasing vs. buying
  • You’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest model year 3 Series, 5 Series, X models, or M Performance models every two to four years
  • You have control over your mileage, term, and model options

Leasing is a popular option for California drivers because it allows them to enjoy the thrilling performance and high-end features of a premium BMW model without having to endure the stress that can come with buying and selling every few years. When you lease a vehicle, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to get for the next two to four years – an advantage that is harder to come by when you purchase a vehicle outright.

BMW of Murrieta Lease Return Options

Even if you’ve leased a BMW vehicle from a different BMW dealership in the Murrieta area, the dedicated team at BMW of Murrieta can easily assist with turning in or trading up your current BMW – or, get your end-of-lease inspection – right here at our showroom. We make it easy to make the switch! Our experienced, knowledgeable, and professional sales team is here and happy to help!

At the end of your BMW lease term – usually at 24 or 36 months – you’ll have three options:

  1. Trade-in your leased vehicle for a brand new model with a new lease agreement
  2. Turn in your BMW, settle any applicable fees or final payments, and walk about without any further obligation
  3. Buy your BMW for a pre-set, competitive price

Which option is best for you? This can depend on numerous factors:

  • You enjoyed leasing and found it to be a great fit for your lifestyle
  • You fell in love with the BMW car or SAV you were driving and would like to drive another vehicle just like it, but with all the latest updates
  • You’ve grown fond of the vehicle you’ve been leasing and would like to keep it
  • You were left with fees for excess wear and tear or excess mileage

If you’re having trouble determining which lease-end option is right for you, or if your current lease is from a different dealership and you’re not feeling totally satisfied, please don’t hesitate to contact our team online or give us a call directly at 833-613-1189. At BMW of Murrieta, we’re here to assist and help you understand all of the important factors you need to know when leasing a BMW.

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