Value Your Trade

Value Your Trade-In Car

As you shop for a new or pre-owned BMW with BMW of Murrieta, knowing how much value your trade-in car holds can help determine what you can afford to spend. Those who are wondering “Where can I get the trade-in value of my car?” needn’t look any further than our website! Using our online trade-in value calculator, you can receive your estimate in just a few clicks – no need to leave the comfort of your Corona home.

How to Trade-In My Car

First time trading in at a dealership? If you’re wondering “how to trade-in my car,” the process couldn’t be simpler! Here’s what to expect when you’re ready to bring in your trade-in car:

  • If you haven’t done so already after determining the value of your trade-in car, you can take some time to browse through our online inventory to find your ideal new BMW SUV or sedan.
  • In some cases, Riverside shoppers will find that the value of their trade-in car doesn’t cover the cost of their next purchase. BMW of Murrieta has a dedicated finance team that can help you explore your options to pay for the remaining balance.
  • Asking yourself, “Can I trade in my car if it has a loan balance?” The answer is yes. If you owe less than your car is worth, you can pay off the loan when you trade it in and use the remaining value toward your next purchase. If you owe more than your car is worth, you can either wait until the loan is paid off to trade in or consolidate the loan balance into a new loan for a more affordable vehicle. No matter the situation, BMW of Murrieta will work with you to find the best solution.
  • Whenever you’re ready to make your upgrade, just head out from Ontario to visit our dealership in Murrieta with your trade-in car. You’ll need to bring the keys, car title, loan payoff information, and registration. We’ll inspect your vehicle and finalize a trade-in offer.

Why Trade-In My Car?

There are plenty of reasons to bring your trade-in car to a dealership like BMW of Murrieta when you’re looking to secure the keys to a new vehicle. One significant benefit is that trading in is a simple, straightforward process. You can start from home with our BMW trade-in value calculator and there’s no need to haggle with a private buyer or worry about the title transfer – at a dealership, you’ll have full confidence knowing everything is done by the book. Once you get your trade-in credit, you can apply it directly to your down payment or use it to reduce your total balance.

Trade-In Your Car at BMW of Murrieta!

We’re happy to help you out with a BMW trade-in at BMW of Murrieta, but rest assured you can bring any type of trade-in car to our dealership and we will be happy to consider it for our inventory. With any additional questions when you value your trade or if you’re having trouble with our trade-in value calculator, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at 833-613-1189. In the meantime, you can get ahead of the next steps of your BMW trade-in by applying for financing pre-approval online.