What Is the Difference Between Electric vs. Plug-In Hybrid Models?

Searching for a way to make your commutes from Corona to Riverside more efficient? BMW electric and plug-in hybrid models are an ideal solution, combining the illustrious luxury features BMW vehicles are known for with the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and eco-friendliness of a partial or all-electric motor. Between electric vs. plug-in hybrid, which is better suited to your lifestyle? Explore the key differences that will help determine your decision with BMW of Murrieta!

Plug-In Hybrid Models Explained

Plug-in hybrid cars utilize both an electric motor and a gas-powered engine. Aptly named, you can plug them in at charging stations around Ontario to charge up the electric motor, and fill up the fuel tank at local Murrieta gas stations. When fully charged, most plug-in hybrid cars offer an electric range of 30 to 40 miles. There’s no need to worry if you reach the limit while driving, as the vehicle will automatically transition to the gas-powered engine at that point.

Pros and Cons of Plug-In Hybrid Cars


  • The primary advantage of plug-in hybrid cars is that they offer both an electric and gas range. San Diego drivers can worry less about running out of electric range while they’re on the road because there is always the gas engine to back them up. This makes these models a better option for drivers who want to be able to take their car on road trips or whose daily commute takes them right through Southern California traffic.


  • Some drivers point to a lack of variety from plug-in hybrid models as their biggest drawback, as many automakers have opted in favor of all-electric. However, BMW plug-in hybrid models have something to offer every lifestyle in Corona! Opt for the 530e Sedan or the 745e xDrive Sedan for a commuter-friendly option, or spring for the family-oriented BMW X3 xDrive30e SUV.

Electric Models Explained

Unlike plug-in hybrid cars, electric vehicles like the 2022 BMW i4 run on an all-electric motor and do not use any gasoline. This being the case, they offer a significantly higher electric range –– usually between 60 miles and 150 miles. Electric cars can be plugged into a standard household outlet in your garage, though they will take significantly longer to charge this way. Some drivers will opt to have a fast charging unit installed at home, while others simply utilize public charging stations around Murrieta.

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars


  • If your main reason for choosing an electric or plug-in hybrid model is to be more environmentally friendly, electric cars have the advantage since they don’t create any fuel emissions.
  • Electric cars are also more cost-effective since they will never require you to stop for a fuel-up at the gas station.


  • Depending on the length of your commute, the mileage range of all-electric models may be limiting. Without a gas-powered engine to rely on as backup, there can be a lot of stress surrounding the possibility of your car running out of range while you’re on the road.

Electric vs. Plug-In: Which Is Right for You?

So, what’s the bottom line when comparing electric vs. plug-in hybrid cars? If you want to be able to go on long road trips or you have a lengthy commute, a plug-in hybrid will be the better choice, as the gas engine can afford you an extra 200 to 300 miles of range. You’ll also have more options for fueling up at gas stations when you’re on the go, rather than having to find a public charging station, which are not yet as readily available.

If you have a separate vehicle you can use for longer travels or your daily commute only takes you 10 miles from home, an electric car can be an incredible option. You could plug your car in at home every night, and actually have enough charge to get to and from work each day. Meanwhile, you could plan to stop at a public fast-charging station to get a full charge in about one to two hours over the weekend.

Test Drive a BMW Electric Car at BMW of Murrieta!

Which speaks more to your lifestyle: electric or plug-in hybrid cars? You’ll find both options at BMW of Murrieta! Contact us today to ask about our BMW iPerformance inventory, which includes plug-in hybrids like the 530e Sedan, as well as all-electric models like the i3.

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