BMW Warning Lights Meaning

There is a stellar reputation amongst BMW vehicles – whether new or used – for their reliability. Even with this reputation, you may need to head over to a genuine BMW service center around the Corona or Ontario areas from time to time for regular maintenance. With the various BMW warning lights, you need to know what the BMW warning light symbols mean to be best prepared. Read this comprehensive guide from the BMW of Murrieta service experts to learn about the BMW warning lights meaning and dashboard.

BMW Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

There are a number of BMW dashboard warning lights to recognize. Some of the BMW warning light symbols might mean immediate service required, but others conveniently remind you to fill up your tires or change your oil. Learn what those BMW warning light symbols mean when the BMW dash warning lights appear:

  • Empty or Low Fuel: This BMW warning light will appear when you’re 30 miles away from an empty fuel tank. Find a Riverside gas station to refill!
  • Tire Pressure Monitor: For the TPM BMW dashboard warning lights, yellow means tire pressure is down by 10% and red means your tire is deflating rapidly. Pull over, then call our BMW tire center to learn about recommended tire pressure.
  • Oil Can: Amongst your BMW dash warning lights, when the oil can symbol appears it means it’s time for an oil change.
  • Light Bulb: Noticing the light bulb BMW warning light symbol? This symbol means one or more of your BMW’s exterior lights need replacement.
  • Thermometer: This is one of the most important BMW dashboard warning lights because it means your engine is overheating or already too hot, which can be extremely dangerous. Pull your car over to safety, allow your engine to cool down, then call BMW of Murrieta at 833-613-1189 for assistance.
  • Engine: This is one of the immediate BMW dash warning lights. Your engine light will stay on or flash if there is an engine issue – if you see this light, you should schedule an inspection at a BMW service center without delay.
  • Dynamic Stability Control: This BMW warning light symbol just means the traction control system is on when you’re driving.
  • Service Vehicle: To help you out, the service vehicle light will illuminate yellow if you need to schedule service soon. If red, it means your service is overdue.

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