Premium vs. Regular Gas – Which One Should You Use?

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You’ve just brought home a new car. You want to make sure you’re using the right gas for it. Do you need to use premium gasoline? What’s the difference between premium and regular gas? If you’re having your own premium vs. regular gas conundrum, we’re here to help. Our service center staff wants to help you keep your car running on our Murrieta roads for years to come. So, let’s talk about what kind of gas you should be using.

Premium vs. Regular Gas – Which One is Right for Your Car?

Check the inside of your fuel door for a sticker that says whether to use regular or premium. You can also check your owner’s manual. If the manufacturer does not indicate that your car requires premium gas, reach for the regular. There can be a huge difference between premium and regular gas when it comes to price. Using premium when it’s not required would be a waste of money. Additionally, using premium gas in an engine not designed for it will not be more effective at preventing knocking, nor will it extend the life of the engine. On the other hand, if the manufacturer says to use premium gas in your car, use it exclusively. Otherwise, potentially serious damage could occur.

Premium vs. Regular Gas – What’s the Difference?

So, what’s the difference between premium gas and regular gas? Premium gas burns slower than regular gas. That slow burn is effective in keeping certain engines from knocking by making sure that pistons fire at the correct time.

The Difference Between Premium and Regular Gas

  • Octane: Regular gas has an octane rating of 87, while premium has an octane of 92. This accounts for the slower burn.
  • Price: Corona gas stations can charge as much as 60 cents per gallon more for premium than regular.

BMW of Murrieta is Here to Help

Now that you know how to tell whether your car needs premium or regular gasoline, check out our other tips and tricks. While you’re here, why not check out our service specials so that we can help you keep your car running in top shape? We’re just down the road from both Riverside and Ontario, so drop by or contact us today!

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